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The Concessionaires Must Die

Feature Film Dir America Young

Hard times for the gang at the Monarch: a one-screen movie theater bringing the best in vintage and cult cinema to the masses, or more often, four nerds and a couple of kids who ought be in school. With a multiplex about to open just down the street, Gabby (Zakareth Ruben) decides it's time to smell the coffee, sell up and cut out. But her brave team of dedicated concessionaires, led by uber-geek Scott (David Blue), refuses to give up. Surely there must be some way to keep the dream alive?

The feature directorial debut from actress America Young is an engaging slacker comedy peppered with goofy movie parodies executed with tender, loving care on a shoestring budget (everything from Batman to Casablanca, Star Wars to Conan the Barbarian-and that's just the first five minutes). On top of that you get celebrity cameos (Stan Lee, Dan Lauria), a treasure trove of pop culture trivia, and a not-entirely-inaccurate elegy for a breed of plucky repertory movie houses dying a slow death through inattention and digital streaming.


The Reason: "Work it Out"

Music Video Dir America Young

When girl's car breaks down in the desert right after her heart is broken, does she need anyone's help? Or can she Work It Out on her own?



Short, Concept Dir Brent Cote

With mankind on the brink of extermination by a mysterious group pulling the strings, people have the choice to partake in elaborate testing in hopes that they will be selected to an elite group of people who will be spared.

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My Dear

Short Film Dir Mark Kellems

Dating can be hard. And heartbreaking. Official Entry in the Palm Springs Shortfest 2011.


PEOPLE One to Ones

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During the 2016 PEOPLE Music Festival at the Funkhaus in Berlin, Jason Deibler and India Love worked with Damien Rice & Blogotheque and helped with the "kidnapping" of audience members. Unsuspecting guests were picked out of the audience, blindfolded and guided backstage to a private room while where a performing artists waited and after the blindfolds were removed, the "kidnappee" was then given a "one to one" show.




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